Bukan Resolusi 2014

A Shame. Sedikit (atau mungkin banyak) memalukan, that one of my last year resolution, which was to write more often, more constantly in this blog with a better quality of post, was end up in a wreck. Bukannya karena ga nemu bahan tulisan ataupun mentok dalam nyari sumber, it was the opposite. I was too eager in looking for source (for many topic which I should have written) and ended up caught up in reading and reading, instead of writing it down (in some cases, the above mentioned topic had been written and repeated too many times by media that I thought writing about such would only adding oil to already-dying flames).

Begitu juga dengan ‘experiences’ dan traveling stories. Last year I had enjoyed traveling to many places and gathering many experiences, which always makes me desire for more, including participating in a few of open trip (such excitement of traveling with completely new companion it had) and had been trying to write it down, but in the end none of it managed to completely written up in this blog.

Ada banyak alasan yg bisa disampaikan, tapi pada akhirnya semua cuma akan jadi excuse atau justifikasi. So it is better to move on and make all of it as a lesson for me to be better. Walaupun if I had to admit, it is true that in my previous year life seems frozen for me, it mustn’t stay as it was. It’s time to leave this spot, not just spending time, but to really live again (well, one year is more than sufficient to mend a broken heart I suppose) and embrace these upcoming year.

So this year, waktunya kembali tumbuh dan berkarya-lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Waktunya memperbaiki kekurangan2 yang masih banyak, mempelajari ilmu2 yang masih belum terjamah, memperdalam pengetahuan yang sudah dikenal, dan memberi kontribusi lebih bagi orang sekitar. It’s time for the change. Big change. Because by the end of this year, Indonesia will also experience great change, and each of us Indonesian shall be prepared.


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